Chase Bank Hours of Operation (Days, Times, Holidays)

Chase Bank Hours of Operation

Have you ever experienced the ordeal of running to a bank just to carry out one activity or the other only to be told by the security guys that the bank has closed? It is excruciating, especially if you need to do that bank transaction that day. Every bank has its mode of operation and it is ideal as a customer to be updated on the major activities of that bank such as how can I check the bank timings? Time is an essential tool when it comes to banking; from the opening time to the closing time is strictly adhered to by banks.

Are you planning to open an account with Chase bank or do you have an account with them already but are not acquainted with their operational time? It is wise to arm yourself with the bank’s working hours so that you wouldn’t feel bad to come to the bank and only find out that it is closed. Below are what you need to know concerning Chase bank hours.

What are Chase bank hours?

Chase Bank which is also referred to as JP Morgan chase bank is a consumer and commercial bank that is currently one of the United States’ biggest banks. Chase bank is known to have over 60 million customers who are online customers and about 35 million people making use of their mobile banking app. It is one bank that has a big customer base and is currently one of America’s leading banks with several branches scattered around the cities in America and beyond. Truly, Chase bank is a definition of an old and still relevant bank.

Chase bank is a national bank and with the level of men of timbre and caliber, average and poor, all queued up in their system, one will be eager to know the bank’s working hours so that they wouldn’t be embarrassed or miss a bank schedule or transaction with them.

Some people are always eager to know if there are specific banks that can run during a national holiday, weekends (Saturday to be precise), and what their working hours are like. The same goes for Chase bank which is a national bank of high reputable standards.

The majority of Chase banks depending on the branch location have an operational activity of running the entire weekdays plus Saturday i.e. they are open from Monday to Saturday. They don’t open on Sundays at all and for the Saturday opening, it is advised to call customer care so that you can determine the state of the bank’s operation that particular so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed.

In scenarios where there is a public holiday or national day celebration declared by the Government, Chase banks do not open at all. Disobedience to harken to the directive of the government is punishable and attracts serious penalties and in some cases suspension. No bank will want to dirt their face and integrity and be labeled a heady and disobedient bank.

Having known the days when they open and operate, it is ideal that you know what time does Chase bank open & what time they close.

As earlier stated, the majority of Chase banks open from Monday to Saturday except for some branches that close by Friday. However, the timing and opening of Chase banks are as follows and can be obtained in any of their branches:

  • Monday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 6 pm
  • Tuesday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 6 pm
  • Wednesday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 6 pm
  • Thursday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 6 pm
  • Friday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 6 pm
  • Saturday: Opening time is 9 am and closing time is 4 pm

From the above, you will realize that Chase bank’s working hours for the weekdays have the same opening and closing time of 9-6 pm but varied on Saturday with a closing time of 4 pm.

It is also wise to know that coming earlier than the opening time or coming later than the closing time will not give you access to the bank or perform any business transaction in the bank.

Some other facts you need to know about Chase bank working hours

Apart from the public holidays that are usually declared by the government which Chase bank strictly abides by, there are other national or worldwide celebrations they hardly open their doors to all in the name of business transactions. Such celebrations or occasions include Easter Day, Christmas Day, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, etc. They normally allow their workers have time to celebrate with their families and loved ones.

Regarding Chase bank teller hours, it conforms to the bank’s working hours i.e. you can access the bank’s teller for any business transaction whether it is a withdrawal or deposit activity, within the bank 9 am- 6 pm time on weekdays and 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday.

Every Chase bank branch has a functional ATM within its environment. For all Chase bank ATM outlets, there are 24 hours compulsory banking activities placed on it. You can only have limitations in withdrawing money if the ATM is temporarily unavailable to dispense cash. Chase ATM hours are strictly 24 hours.


Chase bank has a working hour operation of 9-6 pm on weekdays, and on Saturday with a schedule of 9-4 pm. The ATM outlets are strictly 24 hours and for public holidays, they are completely shut down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Chase bank open on Sundays?

No, they don’t. Chase bank is open from Monday to Saturday in almost its major branches.

What time does Chase bank open and close?

On the weekdays, they have an opening time of 9 am and a closing time of 6 pm whereas on Saturday they have open by 9 am and is close by 4 pm.

What time frame is their ATM?

Chase bank has a 24 hours ATM time operation.

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