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There is a call for new finesse writers to join our community. We are interested in writers who can develop astounding articles on investment & finance and who can proffer ideas that are capable of generating leads and general growth for the business. Our platform is here for you to up your skill and expertise to help you grow and become visible.

We are highly interested in writers who are skillful and sound in the following niches that will involve financial ideas which span through personal finance, investment, cryptocurrency, insurance, and business ideas that are curated to suit the taste of our readers and can induce them into taking actions as well.

It is ideal to note that there are no restrictions or limitations as to the number of articles you can submit to us. It all depends on your timing and schedule. Also, there are no forms of compensation that are given to our writers at the moment but be rest assured that your visibility is guaranteed on this growing platform. Remember that you are committed to developing articles that the outside world will be clinging to which will help them grow their business and company through your wise investment ideas.

Before you rush to contact us, do well to read our policies and guidelines to know if they suit you. If you have finally decided to go on with us, you can message or contact us through our website, “write for us”, or mail our editor, Pardeep at smallinvestmentideaz@gmail.com. We will be looking forward to receiving your high-quality sample article while you wait for our feedback and response.

Feedback Period of Write for Us

Please know that we do receive tons and tons of several emails and messages from people regarding “write to us”, and as such we might not be fast in responding. One thing is sure, so far it is a ‘write for us’ notification, we do reply to all emails. All you need to do is to exercise patience as we return all responses.

We advise you not to send a second mail or third regarding writing to us over and over, please. Just exercise that patience while we get back to you. In a case where there is a need for a query from you to us regarding ‘write to us’, make sure you hold on first to get a reply from us. We strictly abhor all forms of using our services as a medium of marketing.

Guidelines for writers

As a writer who wants to write for us, your article will be subjected to stringent scrutiny by us. It must be highly refined, well researched, high quality, and free from plagiarism. We do not tolerate any form of spinning or paraphrasing as we have editors carefully check out your articles before it is approved for publication. Here are other relevant steps and guidelines to follow to get your work published by us:

  1. Subject: Your subject should contain “Guest for Post” or “Write for” so we can classify your article and know the appropriate judgment to take regarding the article.
  2. Topic: The topic must correspond with any of our demanded topics on finance and investment. The topic should read- Small Investment Ideas

You can submit the topic approval to us with the following information- your name, credentials, address, and if possible your social media handles such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Sometimes we do require a professional summary of you. If you have written some articles, you can attach the link through your Google Drive for us to peruse as well.

Wait for our response within the shortest time frame- usually 24-72 hours. Upon approval, you can carry on with the remaining instructions below.

  1. Introduction: the introduction should be 2-3 sentences that explain the topic while throwing more light on what the reader should expect in the body of the work. It is advisable to adopt an SEO optimization writing pattern by introducing some of your keywords here.
  2. Body:
  • The body should contain extra titles and sub-titles (sub-headings) that will explain the topic extensively.
  • This is where you take into consideration your thesis statement format, whether it is informative or expository depending on the topic.
  • Do not forget to tell us your name
  • It will be an added advantage if there is an inclusion of a picture or several images that will aid in the understanding of your article by your readers.
  • A proven example of where your idea worked will be an added advantage too
  1. Summary: the summary should also be 2-3 sentences that summarize all that is written in the body of your article.

Other instructions you need to take into consideration include:

  • The length of your article should not be less than 1200 words.
  • The article should be submitted in the Google word format
  • It must be plagiarism free and devoid of spinning.

Once you send your article to us, you will get an automatic mail that acknowledges our reception of your article. You will need to exercise patience while waiting for our editorial board to proofread your article for onwards publication.

Once approved our editorial team will send you a mail for documentation. We will be creating a profile for you on our platform with the full details required. Also, a link will be created for all your publications on our website.

Note: we receive a lot of mail from different writers and as such our replies may be delayed. All we ask you to do is to be patient while you get a mail from us. There is no guarantee that your article will be published by us due to some reasons. However, if you should follow our guidelines above, you are to getting closer to having your article published by us. However, for full approval and publication of your article, you will need your topic to fall within these categories:

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